The Collapse of a Titan by Rais Neza Boneza


Near madness,
Strangled in the North, the Equator– Ngbadolite, Ngemena, to the Ubangui border– In the center, Tetela land–
Kisangani, Bunia–
In the south, the land of copper, Katanga, Cornered on all sides, deprived country, Following the indomitable flows of its destiny.

Screams are so deep,
Yet the silence around, so guilty. Today, his ride is clothed
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Nyatiti is an eight-stringed plucked lyre from Kenya. It is a classical instrument used by the Luo people located in the Nyanza western region in Kenya. It is about three feet long. The player of Nyatiti holds it to his chest, seated on a low stool, with the base firmly to the ground. Usually it is played together with the oporo, a curved horn

Goyo Otenga is the dance for Nyatiti music. read more


Impisi (HYENA) 

Her heart empty of vitality

She succumbs with her tragedy

Taken out of her territory

She thinks about her history

From her despair, she is withering

From the time, she waits for the grave

Far from her shelter, she lives as renegade

From the pack, she is the survivor

Queen of emptiness

Her sentiments confounded to sadness

Soul fatigued and full of pain

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Lyrics: We’ve Had Enough By Michael Jackson

 Love was taken from a young life
And no one told her why
Her direction has a dimlight
From one more violent crime

She innocently questioned why
Why her father had to die
She asked the men in blue
How is it that you get to choose
Who will live and who will die
Did god say that you could decide?
You saw he didn’t run
And that my daddy had no gun

In the middle of a village
Way in a distant land
Lies a poor boy with his broken toy
Too young to understand

He’s read more

Nandi | by Rais Neza Boneza | An African Lyrical Story



tumblr_nk2yc1vvxL1qffx7go1_1280 (1)

I have reached my destination; I trace calligraphies. My quill seems to pour its ink unto the banks of the Tanganyika Lake. The sacred place, to which from the other side of the frontier, I confined my boredom and worries when I was that youth. Nevertheless, always hence along my way.

How have I arrived at the kraal of the oldest wisdom?


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Political isms for sale

For somebody to make tale

Humanism is but a name

An echo in a crowded silence for fame

Is humanity to see?

Children wedded with misery

Sick and drunk of poverty

Refugees in their own land

Is it to make air-raids

Bomb innocent people to oblivion

And wage war against nature

To blackmail its creature?

Merchant of humanity

In black gowns

Pity rose from the world

And you preach read more

The Myths

We  feed from myths…

Myths against good and evil …

it is only a trap for humanity never to trust each other….

A trap for the naives

A myth is a tool only to manupulate

for it to operate it doesn’t need to exist;

But for it to live

it need to flourish in the fertile mind of people kept in the shadows

Witless —

Individual sold to the interest of  the”global” read more


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