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Political isms for sale

For somebody to make tale

Humanism is but a name

An echo in a crowded silence for fame

Is humanity to see?

Children wedded with misery

Sick and drunk of poverty

Refugees in their own land

Is it to make air-raids

Bomb innocent people to oblivion

And wage war against nature

To blackmail its creature?

Merchant of humanity

In black gowns

Pity rose from the world

And you preach read more

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The Myths

We  feed from myths…

Myths against good and evil …

it is only a trap for humanity never to trust each other….

A trap for the naives

A myth is a tool only to manupulate

for it to operate it doesn’t need to exist;

But for it to live

it need to flourish in the fertile mind of people kept in the shadows

Witless —

Individual sold to the interest of  the”global” read more

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miniThe BN Poetry Foundation is pleased to bring yet another exhilarating, stimulating platform for African poets world-wide. We strongly believe in rewarding great poetry where we can and so, we are filled with abundant enthusiasm as we send out our 2015 call. #BNPA2015

The submissions will be received from January 15 2015 to May 15 2015. By early July, we will send out a long-list read more

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A poem in support of the March 20 World Water Day : Ocean


In its absolute tranquility

There is a majestic peace

A smooth mass of immensity

As a heavy ondulanting surface

This soft density

Lies down on it grainy bed.

Width so extended

Mysterious myths

With painted histories

Pefect arena —

Aesthetic in its blueness

Fleeing the poet’s soul and heart

But always indifferent

The mother sea remains steady

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Nelson Mandela


Alene i søvnen

Tanke skubbes mot tanke

Fjerne mål drømmer i min bevissthet


Ja! Alene i drømmene

Allting synes tragisk

Borte for verden som jeg bare kan ane


Alene i mitt eksil

Hva jeg kan oppnå er konsentrasjon

Langt fra beskyttelse

Alt er tankens kraft


Ja! Alene igjen

En utmattende kamp

Mine våpen: Min tro, min tålmodighet

Håpets vise disipler

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   Stiene elsker, ømt og lidenskapelig

Stjernene elsker også, i Guds eneste seng

Gudene nærværende


Trærne kysser hverandre, i sin naturlige galskap

I vill opphisselse svever vindene i gjensidig flukt


Månens sjel er innsjøens sjel

Solens sjel er barnets sjel


Jeg fornekter klodens dreining

For denne kvinnen oppgir jeg fedrenes merkesteiner


Raïs Neza Boneza