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En kjempes fall

 Victoria falls

Galskapen nær

Kvalt i nord, ved Ekvator

Ngbadolite, Ngemena til Ubangui-grensen

I midten Tetela-land, Kisangani, Bunia

I sør, kobberets land, Katanga

Kringsatt på alle kanter

Sønderrevne land

Følger sin urokkelige skjebne


  Voldsomme skrik 

Skyldig stillhet

I dag rir han påkledd i råskapens skjendige kappe

Ulykkelige land

Himmelen, din siste frelser


Under dødelig våpengny flyr ordene,

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Poetry 0 comments on Lille Bror

Lille Bror


Du er en mann i dag

Indoktrinert i deres dødskult

Nasjonen har solgt deg til slakteren

Lille bror

Ingen spør om din forvirring

Likevel undrer du;

Hvorfor er jeg ikke på skolen som andre barn?

Hvorfor denne redselen mellom landene?

Hvorfor bærer jeg sverd?

Har baobaobtreets grener og duene ingen betydning?

Bare ett svar står skrevet på din panne

Høyre venstre – høyre venstre

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Hullo my dear freinds

I have been quite silent around here. But now I have decided to publish both my old and new work / activities on this website.

This erea will be then a repository of my earlier and new work/activities. I hope you support and share with me.

Below is a picture of my writers freinds and colleagues during a conference in Entebbe 2013 (Uganda) with the African Writers Trust


Poetry 0 comments on The Birth of the Sun

The Birth of the Sun

Virgin Isis-Mary

My tears are the line of my novel

The characters are rigid

Stiff and ready to act in my cynical scenario

I am the milestones of all misfortunes

And mischances that hunt the running-gods in the firmament —

My splendour reaches the stars in the immeasurable spaces

And always declines as I reach “Isis”

giving birth to “Apollo”

– Raïs Neza Boneza –

Poetry 1 comment on Second Dimension By Rais Neza Boneza

Second Dimension By Rais Neza Boneza

2013-07-09 00.04.08 

Near his table rests a glass of water;

Through his window he glances at passersby;

He observes and always waits, waits, waits.


Bitterness nourishes his being;

Subjected to misunderstandings

And false airs of ‘people’

He is a prisoner.


He sits, hands cupped around his chin

Solemnly thinking.

In his dreaming, his spirits escape

The world of hardships

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BOOKS THEY READ: Raïs Neza Boneza

Source: monitor.co.ug


last-ned-2.jpgRaïs Neza Boneza is a Congolese poet and author. His works include Nomad, a Refugee Poet; Black Emerald; Peace by African’s Peaceful Means and a recent novel, White Eldorado, Black Fever. He is based in Trondheim, Norway. He spoke to Beatrice Lamwaka about the influence of books on his life.

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