NZinga, The Queen of Angola (The Movie). A review by Raïs Neza Boneza for the Intenational Women’s Day celebration

Title: Njinga, Rainha de Angola   (Nzinga, Queen of Angola)

Category: History

Duration: 109 Minutes

Director: Sergio Graciano

Release Year: 2013

Language: Portuguese & English


As all around the world we celebrate the Women’s achievements while calling for greater equality and more justice read more

Revisiting the African Thoughts By Raïs Neza Boneza

1. Definition of the terms

a. Philosophy in the strict sense

Philosophy is the study of thoughts, reasons in a systematic way by recording, writing sources or is a systematic way – for example Germans or Greeks philosophies.

For that matter African philosophy cannot be considered in a strict way or it was not philosophy in a strict sense. When in 1945, Placide Tempels published read more

Hullo my dear freinds

I have been quite silent around here. But now I have decided to publish both my old and new work / activities on this website.

This erea will be then a repository of my earlier and new work/activities. I hope you support and share with me.

Below is a picture of my writers freinds and colleagues during a conference in Entebbe 2013 (Uganda) with the African Writers Trust