Det smilende barnet fra ekvator

Av Rais Neza Boneza

Congolese refugees in Gihembe camp, Rwanda.Etter å ha flyktet fra styrkene til opprørshæren, krysset den tykkeste skog, mesteparten av tiden trett og utslitt av tusen kilometer med vandring, samme som tusener andre flyktninger fra Demokratiske Republikk Congo, nådde de Tanzania, svekket og plaget av sykdom og uvisshet over tid.
To hundrede kilometer, øst av innsjøen Tanganyika, leiren “The Camp of Mkuggwa) read more

Litteraturhistoriens usynlige kontinent av Silje Stavrum

  • <b>ET ANNET AFRIKA: </b>De vil se Afrika med andre øyne enn Europas. Fra venstre Chenjerai Hove, Simon Moi og Rais Neza Boneza.<br/>FOTO: NOREVIK KJELL HERSKEDAL

The Collapse of a Titan by Rais Neza Boneza


Near madness,
Strangled in the North, the Equator– Ngbadolite, Ngemena, to the Ubangui border– In the center, Tetela land–
Kisangani, Bunia–
In the south, the land of copper, Katanga, Cornered on all sides, deprived country, Following the indomitable flows of its destiny.

Screams are so deep,
Yet the silence around, so guilty. Today, his ride is clothed
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Nyatiti is an eight-stringed plucked lyre from Kenya. It is a classical instrument used by the Luo people located in the Nyanza western region in Kenya. It is about three feet long. The player of Nyatiti holds it to his chest, seated on a low stool, with the base firmly to the ground. Usually it is played together with the oporo, a curved horn

Goyo Otenga is the dance for Nyatiti music. read more

Nandi | by Rais Neza Boneza | An African Lyrical Story



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I have reached my destination; I trace calligraphies. My quill seems to pour its ink unto the banks of the Tanganyika Lake. The sacred place, to which from the other side of the frontier, I confined my boredom and worries when I was that youth. Nevertheless, always hence along my way.

How have I arrived at the kraal of the oldest wisdom?


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The unexpected creativity that thrives in refugee camps

James with his latest work. Naohiko Omata, Author provided

James is a sculptor who fled Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and sought refuge in neighbouring Uganda. When it’s not raining, he likes to work outside in front of his small mud and wood hut in Rwamwanja refugee camp. As soon as he starts working, he is surrounded by spectators who are also residents of this refugee camp.

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Je suis née morte, se réaliser par l’écriture | Nathalie Salmon-Hudry | TEDxPapeete

Nathalie est née handicapée. Son esprit dégage une énergie de vie hors norme et la pousse à aller toujours de l’avant. Auteur de l’ouvrage “Je suis née morte”, paru en 2012, elle témoigne de sa volonté de croquer chaque instant de la vie.
Nathalie was born handicapped. Her spirit releases an exceptional energy, pushing her to always forge ahead. Author of “I was read more

A Belgian Prince, Gorillas, Guerrillas & the Future of the Congo By

sources: The Daily Beast  Emmanuel de Merode is fighting rebel armies and a powerful oil company to protect Virunga Park, its animals and its people. His allies? Prince William and Leonardo DiCaprio. But his enemies may be stronger.

VIRUNGA, Congo — On April 15, Prince Emmanuel de Merode’s hulking Land Rover kicked up clouds of dust as he navigated it past the skeletal grey buildings of Goma, a provincial capital in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, and on to the bumpy road that would take him to Virunga National Park, his home.

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