The Unreported News from Haiti

Fanmi Lavas supporters protest in the streets of the Port-Au-Prince in supportThe relentless attacks on democracy in Haiti continue as Haitians, who have lived under United Nations MINUSTAH military occupation since the 2004coup d’etat against popularly elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide, rise up to demand governmental accountability and economic justice. The most recent wave of protests began in early September marking the anniversary of the Sept 11, read more

Dinanga, the Ark of Refuge

Eighteen days since the ship began its voyage toward
the distant capital town of Kin-Malebo;
On the majestic river Congo; sailing slowly and hesitantly
on the vicious liquid leaving behind the foretold
fall of a regime in disarray.
We have tamped everything down under the bags of cassava;
the life conditions are unimaginable on the barges.


When the shadow of the night appears, the torrential
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Nandi | by Rais Neza Boneza | An African Lyrical Story



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I have reached my destination; I trace calligraphies. My quill seems to pour its ink unto the banks of the Tanganyika Lake. The sacred place, to which from the other side of the frontier, I confined my boredom and worries when I was that youth. Nevertheless, always hence along my way.

How have I arrived at the kraal of the oldest wisdom?


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Hullo my dear freinds

I have been quite silent around here. But now I have decided to publish both my old and new work / activities on this website.

This erea will be then a repository of my earlier and new work/activities. I hope you support and share with me.

Below is a picture of my writers freinds and colleagues during a conference in Entebbe 2013 (Uganda) with the African Writers Trust



I am delighted to present  to you my new personal site. here i will be updating you about my work and activities exclusively. Please do come back by as we are building and creating our healing house.