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This is my official website, which is the space where I present some elements of my journey as a writer, a lecturer, a consultant, researcher, freelance Journalist, human rights , peace activist & practitioner. It is an honor to welcome you here to share some ideas and to keep a direct contact with you.

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Theme: Writing, Poetry, research, Dialogue, Culture & diversity, tolerance, Individual & Community empowerment (social issues, emancipatory politics). Healing, Art and peace activism; humanitarianism and development.

He is the author of fiction as well as non-fiction, poetry books and articles. He was born in the Katanga province of the Democratic Republic of Congo (Former Zaïre). He is the author of fiction as well as non-fiction, poetry books and articles. He is also an activist and peace practitioner. He is co-convener of TRANSCEND Global Network; a Peace Development Environment Network. He also uses his work to promote artistic expressions as a means to deal with conflicts and maintaining mental well-being, spiritual growth and healing.  He has travelled extensively in Africa and around the world as a lecturer, educator and consultant for various NGOs and institutions. His work is premised on Art, healing, solidarity, peace, conflict transformation and human dignity issues.  Mr.Raïs Neza Boneza work also as freelance journalist based in Trondheim, Norway.

Some works:


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