Merging the Personal with the Political: Nneka – “My Fairy Tales” Album Review.


11221622_1125178480832521_7635290300801085708_oEver since I first heard “Kangpe” on FIFA 10, I have been extremely interested in the eclectic sound of the music Nigerian artist Nneka creates. She is, in my opinion, one of the best and strongest voices on the African continent in the new millennium, offering a fresh perspective on pertinent, everyday-life issues through her socially aware … Read the rest


Political isms for sale

For somebody to make tale

Humanism is but a name

An echo in a crowded silence for fame

Is humanity to see?

Children wedded with misery

Sick and drunk of poverty

Refugees in their own land

Is it to make air-raids

Bomb innocent people to oblivion

And wage war against nature

To blackmail its creature?

Merchant … Read the rest