Je suis née morte, se réaliser par l’écriture | Nathalie Salmon-Hudry | TEDxPapeete

Nathalie est née handicapée. Son esprit dégage une énergie de vie hors norme et la pousse à aller toujours de l’avant. Auteur de l’ouvrage “Je suis née morte”, paru en 2012, elle témoigne de sa volonté de croquer chaque instant de la vie.
Nathalie was born handicapped. Her spirit releases an exceptional energy, pushing her to always forge ahead. Author … Read the rest

NZinga, The Queen of Angola (The Movie). A review by Raïs Neza Boneza for the Intenational Women’s Day celebration

Title: Njinga, Rainha de Angola   (Nzinga, Queen of Angola)

Category: History

Duration: 109 Minutes

Director: Sergio Graciano

Release Year: 2013

Language: Portuguese & English


As all around the world we celebrate the Women’s achievements while calling for greater equality and more justice ;  I would like to revisit the historic figure and review the movie: Njinga, Rainha de Angola   (Nzinga, Read the rest

Across The King’s River: An enduring film about a personal quest for knowledge and healing




Across The King’s River is an upcoming documentary film about a man embarking on a journey from East Oakland to Nigeria, on a deeply personal quest for knowledge and healing.

The film –a story of wisdom, healing and medicine through the light of ancient African traditional healers– is founded on the creator of the film, James Weeks’ personal voyage

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