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In Solidarity with Palestine – 11 Nov 2023

In the name of God and the land, they say with such grace,

Hell yes! What a feast for a dark and twisted place.

Today, when to speak against the specter of death,

We are painted as fanatics, losing our collective breath.

Those who profess … Read the rest

PASHA Workshop i Kampala Styrker Flyktninger gjennom Kunstnerisk uttrykker

I Kampala, Uganda, den 12. august 2023,  PASHA - Flyktninger Fortelling og Poesiklubb samlet en mangfoldig forsamling av folk deltok i et bemerkelsesverdig møte. I denne samlingen var det en transformerende workshop som ble veiledet av den  Raïs Neza Boneza. Denne workshopen hadde som mål å utforske selvuttrykk gjennom engasjerende og spennende aktiviteter.

Workshopen ble satt i gang av PASHA, en organisasjon i … Read the rest

PASHA workshop in Kampala Empowers Refugees Through Art expressions

Kampala, Uganda – In a remarkable gathering on Saturday, August 12, 2023, the PASHA – the Refugees Storytelling and Poetry Club, hosted a transformative workshop under the guidance of the esteemed facilitator, RAIS NEZA BONEZA. Located in the heart of Kampala, this event brought together a diverse group of individuals eager to discover, share, and express themselves through a fusion … Read the rest

Best New African Poets 2022

Best New African Poets 2022 Anthology has poems, poem pieces, and reviews from over 100 poets from at least 30 African countries writing in English, Portuguese, French, Kiswahili and many other African languages. Idegwu, looks at how religion is used as a tool to make black Africans be slaves in the Middle East, how the black people, even though of … Read the rest