Arundhati Roy, the Not-So-Reluctant Renegade By SIDDHARTHA DEB

“I’ve always been slightly short with people who say, ‘You haven’t written anything again,’ as if all the nonfiction I’ve written is not writing,” Arundhati Roy said.

It was July, and we were sitting in Roy’s living room, the windows closed against the heat of the Delhi summer. Delhi might be roiled over a slowing economy, rising crimes against women Read the rest

Butins de Chair By Rais Neza Boneza

Le conflit actuel en RD Congo a eu à mobiliser plus de sept armées régulières et étrangères qui s’étaient battues sur le sol Congolais (Rwanda, Ouganda, Burundi, Namibie, Tchad, Zimbabwe et Angola) et Dieu seul sait les innonbrables armees fantomes, groupes secrets, pays et organizations qui sont a la base d’un massacre de plus de 4 million d’hommes,femmes et enfants … Read the rest

Rais Neza Boneza | A Bird of Love in Exile By Serubiri Moses


In 1910, a relatively unknown Igor Stravinsky composed his first orchestral dance suite The Firebird. Stravinsky drew on Slavic folklore to orchestrate the magical firebird; a ballet that alighted the Russian composer’s career. By June of 1912, and following its London debut Stravinsky would be hailed for his great imaginative power

Whilst recently reading The Battle of Read the rest

BOOKS THEY READ: Raïs Neza Boneza



last-ned-2.jpgRaïs Neza Boneza is a Congolese poet and author. His works include Nomad, a Refugee Poet; Black Emerald; Peace by African’s Peaceful Means and a recent novel, White Eldorado, Black Fever. He is based in Trondheim, Norway. He spoke to Beatrice Lamwaka about the influence of books on his life.

Why do you read fiction?Read the rest