Ah! si les colombes pouvaient grandir aux ministere de la d̩fense, si les colombes pouvaient grandir! РMAHMOUD DARWICH, <<Rien qu'une autre ann̩e>>

Great-Lakes Conflict & Peace

Heineken in Africa: A Multinational Unleashed

The company was founded in 1873 in Amsterdam, Netherland. Such as Coca-Cola company in the USA, Heineken is  the flagship of the Dutch industry. With Its presence in 170 countries, the company is a perfect model of globalization.  In this …

Building Resilience Far from Home: Communal Democracy Practices amongst Urban Congolese Refugees in Uganda

Under a midday blazing sun in Kampala, we are driving hesitantly over the newly paved roads of Nsambya and Katwe suburb. A pedestrian signals us to stop and ask; “are you looking for the Congolese place perhaps?” I nod, stunned.  …

Det smilende barnet fra ekvator

Av Rais Neza Boneza

Congolese refugees in Gihembe camp, Rwanda.Etter Ã¥ ha flyktet fra styrkene til opprørshæren, krysset den tykkeste skog, mesteparten av tiden trett og utslitt av tusen kilometer med vandring, samme som tusener andre flyktninger fra Demokratiske Republikk Congo, nÃ¥dde de Tanzania, svekket …

Handbook of Research on Examining Global Peacemaking in the Digital Age Edited by Bruce L. Cook (Chicago ORT Technical Institute, USA)





Violent behavior has become deeply integrated into modern society and it is an unavoidable aspect of human nature. Examining peacemaking strategies through a critical and academic perspective can assist in resolving violence in societies around