Ah! si les colombes pouvaient grandir aux ministere de la d̩fense, si les colombes pouvaient grandir! РMAHMOUD DARWICH, <<Rien qu'une autre ann̩e>>

Great-Lakes Conflict & Peace

Part.4. African’s Peacefull Means: structural Violence in Africa

The last decades in Africa have been marred by unprecedented levels of political, ethnic, and transnational conflict. This continent is one of the major battlegrounds of global forces; it is the most marginalized areas of the world. More than thirty …

Revista de Literatura y Oralidad de las Neoáfricas y del Caribe en criollización: RAÏS NEZA BONEZA: Current poetry of the Congo


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Is music activism cleansing the soul of Europe?

Reflecting on David Rovics, Kristian Svenson And Elona Planman passage in Trondheim, Norway.

By Raïs Neza Boneza

With the recent refugee a.ka. migrants and economic crisis shadowing Europe, there is hope after all, few artists are breaking the barrier of

Nandi | by Rais Neza Boneza | An African Lyrical Story



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I have reached my destination; I trace calligraphies. My quill seems to pour its ink unto the banks of the Tanganyika Lake. The sacred place, to which from the other side of the frontier, I confined my boredom