Ah! si les colombes pouvaient grandir aux ministere de la dĂ©fense, si les colombes pouvaient grandir! – MAHMOUD DARWICH, <<Rien qu'une autre annĂ©e>>

Great-Lakes Conflict & Peace

Nordic Countries and the Congo colonization By Raïs Neza Boneza

A New Meanings paper presented and discussed during the 2006 trip in the Great-Lakes region of Africa


While the west and particularly in France, debates are centered on the positive role of Colonization, and exhibit in their museum, trophies …

Sudanese Internal Displaced People Challenge for the future Administration By Raïs Neza Boneza (Archives 2007)

refugee camps picThe civil war in Sudan has created nearly four million internally displaced persons (IDPs) within its borders. In January 2005 a peace agreement was signed between GOS (Government of Sudan) and its main opponent in the South, the Sudan People’s …

Plight of the Refugees and IDP’s in Uganda By Raïs Neza Boneza


The recent history recent history in the Great Lakes region of Africa has painfully illustrated the insufficient commitment for an international response to forced and mass migration. Efforts to ensure international protection for refugees have been repeatedly frustrated as states …

Global Torment

Written earlier in 2003 the begunning of  Bush’s Irak war. Still relevant to day.

last nedWe came from the chaos of the world’s creation. What about today? At the beginning of this new century, the world seems to have fallen into