Is music activism cleansing the soul of Europe?

Reflecting on David Rovics, Kristian Svenson And Elona Planman passage in Trondheim, Norway.

By Raïs Neza Boneza

With the recent refugee a.ka. migrants and economic crisis shadowing Europe, there is hope after all, few artists are breaking the barrier of the usual “brouhaha of humanitarian concert a la Bono and Geldof”. Recently, it easy to see that the Read the rest

Nandi | by Rais Neza Boneza | An African Lyrical Story



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I have reached my destination; I trace calligraphies. My quill seems to pour its ink unto the banks of the Tanganyika Lake. The sacred place, to which from the other side of the frontier, I confined my boredom and worries when I was that youth. Nevertheless, always hence along my way.

How have I arrived at the kraal Read the rest

Part.1. African’s peaceful’s Means: Humanism or Pre-TRANSCEND period by Raïs Neza Boneza

In this series of African’s peaceful means, we will explore through structural research on violence and peace, we shall try to comprehend the conception of conflict in Africa, its cultural roots, its development and its current psychological and physical consequences on African societies.

Wall hanging charting the Fon Kings_Aborney people (Republic of Benin) (Top row) - CANCNIHESSOU - DAKODONOU-1620-1625 - HOUECBADJA-1625-1685 - AKABA-1685-1705 (Middle row) - ACADJA - 1708-1722 - TECBESSOU- 1722-1772 - KPENINCLA - 1772-1789 - ACONCLA- 1789-1858 (bottom row) - CHEZO-1818-1858 - CLELE--1858-1889 - BEHANZIN-1883-1892 - ACO-LI-ACBO-1892-1900Humankind seems to have cultivated for thousands of decades an uncontrolled thirst for violence. However, human needs, Read the rest

Toward the Ubuntu-ization of the world: A Khemetic/African perspective on the Middle East Crisis/Crime

Bujumbura, Burundi /

Mother Africa’s view on major world crisis seems not to interest those who see themselves as the international community. Centuries of dominance and unrest have blinded the world from the potentiality of Khemet/Africa to bring out anything good to the edification of a fair world. As one of my inspirers, Jacques Depelchin, said: “the syndrome of the Read the rest