Saint Jerome, 1537. Found in the Collection of Art History Museum, Vienna. Saint Jerome spent time as a hermit. Getty Images

Ensomhet i Corona-tid

Månen drar forbi

mens verden trekker seg tilbake bak dører

og byen fryser I den lysende vår

Han begrenser seg i skjulet sitt, også..

Stakkars fyr!

Coronaviruset er ikke fienden, tenker han

men denne kalde natten: Idiot!

Som omfavner meg med skjelvende skam

Gjennom dagen bak en maske

og hver natt under et laken

hans egen kropp i sine armerRead the rest

Corona defeated

Through our distress indeed —

We will not kneel to you; coronavirus.

From east to west,

From north to south,

You blindly rob lives;

You fly over mountains and hills,

Across seas and rivers

You fly with your immense dark wings,

Your shadow poisons the souls.

Through our distancing indeed —

We will not kneel to you; COVID-nineteen

With no Read the rest

The Collapse of a Titan by Rais Neza Boneza


Near madness,
Strangled in the North, the Equator– Ngbadolite, Ngemena, to the Ubangui border– In the center, Tetela land–
Kisangani, Bunia–
In the south, the land of copper, Katanga, Cornered on all sides, deprived country, Following the indomitable flows of its destiny.

Screams are so deep,
Yet the silence around, so guilty. Today, his ride is clothed
With the shameful … Read the rest




Nyatiti is an eight-stringed plucked lyre from Kenya. It is a classical instrument used by the Luo people located in the Nyanza western region in Kenya. It is about three feet long. The player of Nyatiti holds it to his chest, seated on a low stool, with the base firmly to the ground. Usually it is played together … Read the rest