Ah! si les colombes pouvaient grandir aux ministere de la d̩fense, si les colombes pouvaient grandir! РMAHMOUD DARWICH, <<Rien qu'une autre ann̩e>>



“Making that album was like a cleansing” By: Michiel van Oosterhout

He taught singer Bobby Brown African lullabies and saw Richie Havens perform his anthem ‘Freedom’ at the legendary 1969 Woodstock music festival. Long before Wasswa Birigwa became a household name in Ugandan business and politics, he was a celebrated musician

The Rumba Kings, a new upcoming documentary about the golden era of Congolese Rumba music By Rais Neza Boneza

The wealth of the Congo is not only it mineral reserved but also it culture through the music in this context. The new documentary directed by Alan Brain, tells the story Congolese rumba music, present the artists and show how …


If you’re a Netflix subscriber, here’s a narrative in Winnie’s own words…


If you want to learn about Winnie Mandela’s life, switch off the TV news. Instead watch “Winnie” directed by Pascale Lamche. It’s on Netflix.



Winnie Mandela …

Handbook of Research on Examining Global Peacemaking in the Digital Age Edited by Bruce L. Cook (Chicago ORT Technical Institute, USA)





Violent behavior has become deeply integrated into modern society and it is an unavoidable aspect of human nature. Examining peacemaking strategies through a critical and academic perspective can assist in resolving violence in societies around