Across The King’s River: An enduring film about a personal quest for knowledge and healing




Across The King’s River is an upcoming documentary film about a man embarking on a journey from East Oakland to Nigeria, on a deeply personal quest for knowledge and healing.

The film –a story of wisdom, healing and medicine through the light of ancient African traditional healers– is founded on the creator of the film, James Weeks’ personal voyage

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Ranja Bojer’ bokanmeldelse : White Eldorado, Black Fever


Raïs Neza Boneza bor i Trondheim, og kommer opprinnelig fra Kongo. Han har utgitt flere bøker, men White Eldorado, Black Fever er hans første roman. Den er kommet ut på engelsk og fransk, og den norske utgaven er forhåpentligvis like rundt hjørnet.

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Revisiting the African Thoughts By Raïs Neza Boneza


1. Definition of the terms

a. Philosophy in the strict sense

Philosophy is the study of thoughts, reasons in a systematic way by recording, writing sources or is a systematic way – for example Germans or Greeks philosophies.

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Hullo my dear freinds

I have been quite silent around here. But now I have decided to publish both my old and new work / activities on this website.

This erea will be then a repository of my earlier and new work/activities. I hope you support and share with me.

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