Corona defeated

Through our distress indeed —

We will not kneel to you; coronavirus.

From east to west,

From north to south,

You blindly rob lives;

You fly over mountains and hills,

Across seas and rivers

You fly with your immense dark wings,

Your shadow poisons the souls.

Through our distancing indeed —

We will not kneel to you; COVID-nineteen

With no pity,

You prey on our weaknesses;

You spare no newborn, no elders;

You have no mercy toward the youth either

Eh! ironically you do not segregate

And suddenly, we understand our vulnerability

Behind our locked door indeed –

Nevertheless, we will not kneel; Corona

You know very well COVID nineteen:

Since its birth, humanity has proven it resilience toward your kinds, And the fate reserved to you remains certain.

Despite being in quarantine –

We will not submit to you, dear virus

As timidly, spring blows from “Storeheia” hill

And the winds of restoration graze the alleys of our “by” town

As gradually, the doors sometimes foreclosed,

Now cautiously opening

While in containment still

Again, we will not bow to you, contagion

A new dawn is befalling upon us

Suddenly, because of you

While socially distancing ourselves

We realize that we are all on the same boat

Only solidarity can help us heal

We cannot divorce from the environment

Now we are called to restore life and the earth

While now in confinement,

With faith, we prophesize:

You, Coronavirus

You will be neither corona

Nor virus

Neither COVID nor nineteen

Neither new nor old,

But Corona defeated!

Om forfatteren:
Raïs Neza Boneza (poet/skribent)
 er født i Katanga-provinsen i Den demokratiske republikken Kongo. Han er aktivist og fredsforkjemper og bruker konflikthåndtering, åndelighet, vekst og helbredelse i sitt arbeide. Han har reist verden rundt som foreleser og rådgiver for ulike institusjoner, frivillige og humanitære organisasjoner

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