The Myths

We  feed from myths…

Myths against good and evil …

it is only a trap for humanity never to trust each other….

A trap for the naives

A myth is a tool only to manupulate

for it to operate it doesn’t need to exist;

But for it to live

it need to flourish in the fertile mind of people kept in the shadows

Witless —

Individual sold to the interest of  the”global” consent

….our judgement is shaped from the view of the ununspired abrahamic tradition

The custom that  legalized the rape of a woman (women) to create a god —

The fable that talk of a heaven with virgins to reward the people under it shade

From the synagogues,

Mosques and cathedrales

–only the inherithance on hold of doom 

— heaven and hell breeding faith in the minds

and while the terrene is burning , the pyre seems not  to incinarete really

— at least for some on terra

That is the way in Hades kingdom! 


6520: Hades. Relief dedicated by the priest Lakrateides and his family to the Eleusinian deities.

It depicts the legend of Triptolemos 100-90 BC. Archaeological Museum of Eleusis.

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