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The Rumba Kings, a new upcoming documentary about the golden era of Congolese Rumba music By Rais Neza Boneza

The wealth of the Congo is not only it mineral reserved but also it culture through the music in this context. The new documentary directed by Alan Brain, tells the story Congolese rumba music, present the artists and show how this type of music known as Rumba conquered Africa and the world.

Alan Brain Delgado, a filmmaker and Journalist based in Washington D.C. spent 7 years in the Democratic Republic of Congo working as filmmaker for the United Peacekeeping Mission. He spent time making news shows and short-length documentaries for the United Nations, which aired on Congolese national television channels. He also filmed, directed and edited several medium length documentaries about urgent issues in the DRC such as human rights, internally displaced persons (IDPs), war and peace process.

In this documentary Alan Brain explore one of the essence of the Congolese identity which is it music rumba style. For the last decades in the media, the news of poverty, war, corruption dominate when it is about the Congo. This work attempt to show the world bright side of this country, which is not only it vast reserved of diamond, cobalt or coltan etc… However, it diverse people, it cultural heritage, it creativity and it music. Congo has more than 250 ethnical groups, and each as its own musical tradition. A huge wealth of inspiration from which to exploit.

The main goal of The Rumba Kings is to highlight the Congolese rumba and its different artists. Such artists as Dr. Nico, Rochereau, Grand Kalle and Franco are featured and show why Congolese musicians are among the best guitarists in the world. The film also tell how Kinshasa has been the heart of African music for decades, and how during independence the hit song “Cha Cha Independence” became for many African countries a hymn of independence .

The artists participating in the film are Manu Dibango, Papa Wemba, Lokua Kanza, Simaro Lutumba, Verckys Kiamanguana, Jean Goubald and many more….

The film will be ready for distribution at the end of 2018. It is planned to be on Netflix and a theatrical release in some countries. For DRC, in Kinshasa, the director would like to collaborate with local NGOs to create a type of “Rumba Caravan” where the film is screened in the streets of the main neighborhoods of cities so that all Congolese can watch it free.

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